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3 Benefits Of Full Day Kindergarten

If you are trying to determine between enrolling your child in a full day or half day kindergarten program, you have a big decision to make. While both are going to be beneficial for your child, there are some great benefits that come along with choosing a full day kindergarten. This article is going to discuss 3 benefits of full day kindergarten for your child. 

Less Hurried School Day 

When your child attends a half day kindergarten, they are likely going to feel somewhat rushed. This is due to the fact that the teacher has quite a bit to fit into this half day, so they are going to be on a time crunch. For some children, this is fine, but for others, this may cause them to feel stressed and overwhelmed. The teacher may feel this way as well, which can sometimes be reflected onto the students. With a full day kindergarten schedule, the children are going to be able to do things in a much less hurried manner. They can spend more time on each subject, and will have more time for questions and learning. This can help your child to grasp subjects faster, and may even help them to learn to read and write at a faster rate.

Helps Build Independence

If your child is away from you all day long at full day kindergarten, they are likely going to grow to become more independent. Since this is a crucial aspect of growing up, it is a very necessary thing for them to learn. It is also a good environment for them to learn independence in because it is an environment where they are safe and where they are growing both mentally and socially. This independence will help them to feel more confident in doing things on their own and will help them to realize that they are capable of doing more than they thought.

More Individualized Attention 

Because the teacher is going to have more time during the day with full day kindergarten, she is going to be able to give each student more individualized attention. This is going to allow her to see where each child may be struggling, and then help them to understand these concepts. This one-on-one time can be crucial for the development of many children and is something that can't be done quite as often as most teachers would like with half day kindergarten. 

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